Gents Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Swanage Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Ian from Watford was enjoying a holiday swim in the sea during a spell of beautiful weather in Swanage. To his horror he felt the moment his wedding ring slip from his finger & fell to the sea floor. At first he could just make out the ring lying on the bottom but within seconds it disappeared.

Confident that I would recover it I set about searching the area but after 20 minutes still nothing! Expanding my search area out & under 3 feet of water the detector let out the distinctive scream of gold! Bare a centimetre under the sand the ring  was clearly visible.

Ian was quite taken back that we had recovered it & made a kind donation to the Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary.


2 Replies to “Gents Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Swanage Beach”

  1. Ian says:

    Many Thanks to Richard for coming out the morning after I’d lost the ring in the sea the previous afternoon. I felt for sure that it was gone forever. However, Richard was more positive than I was about finding it. Apparently if you lose it in the sea (in relatively shallow water) you have a fair chance of locating it, as magpies (or other detectorists) tend to retrieve them when lost in the dry sand higher up the beach. Fortunately, I remembered exactly where I’d lost it and after about 20 minutes of sweeping, Richard found it about 10 feet from where it came off my finger, in about 18 inches of water. A massive thank you to Richard for his work and a £50 donation to the Animal rescue centre was gratefully made. Keep up the good work Richard.

  2. Ian Davis says:

    Many Thanks Richard for coming out and locating the ring. I was totally surprised that you managed to find it still under all that water! But as you said at the time, remembering the exact moment I lost it and recalling details accurately definitely helped in the search. Once again, many Thanks!

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