Diamond Encrusted Mens White Gold Wedding Band, Lost & Found Sandbanks Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Jay, wife & children, from London, enjoying a splendid day on Sandbanks Beach. What could go wrong? Watching your wedding ring slip from your finger out to sea, seeing it & desperately trying to recover it for an hour before finally its consumed by sand, sea & tide.

Lengthy discussions between us, photographs & even some maths on my behalf narrowed the area down to two tennis court size areas whereby when the tides were right, I’d have just wet sand to deal with. My first 2 hour attempt using the CTX 3030 found nothing. I was confused. Why wasn’t it there?! Second time, 2 hours, same area using a Whites PI, nothing again! I had concluded with my attempts & the machines I had used I was in the wrong area. Third time, push further out, extend the search area even if the so called facts ‘didn’t add up’!

After 2 hours with barely any signals I heard a faint beep & then another! Scooping the sand  furiously there it was! Big, bright, solid with diamonds twinkling at me like a million photographers flashes.  Jay was probably still in shock as I was to receive the ring back a few days later. The sand is renown for its softness in that area & items barely lay detectable sometimes a matter of hours!  Jay made a grateful & generous donation to the Margaret Green Animal charity.

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  1. Jay says:

    Richard, you’re an absolute legend. After having contacted Richard on the Sunday, he was out searching the very next morning and the subsequent 2 days until he tracked the ring. All communications were via phone calls and WhatsApp. We can’t thank you enough….We’ll definitely be in touch when we’re next in the area!

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