Whole set of Home & Car Keys lost and found in muddy Poole Harbour

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

One weekend when driving home after an unsuccessful ring recovery, I received a call from a lady desperate for my help. Jenny from Poole had gone to do some shopping at nearby ‘Currys’ but first needed to walk her dog Betsy in nearby Poole Harbor. It was then that the fun and the mud took place!

Just a stones throw from her car there seemed an idyllic spot to quickly walk the dog albeit “a little to close to the shoreline mud” Jenny said. No sooner she released her, Betsy bolted to the muddy waters to chase some birds getting stuck in belly deep mud. What seemed like minutes later & still struggling to free herself, Jenny entered to free her. Still holding her bag & keys etc she managed to pull her dog free, now caked in mud!

After cleaning her down as best she could with some tissues from her handbag it was then she noticed BOTH her mobile phone AND Car Keys were missing! A passer-by saw her distress & was kind enough to call me at the Ring Finders from his phone. She patiently awaited for an hour or so for me to arrive- dog firmly in hand this time. Caked in mud, fighting my way past trash after trash up came the keys from about a foot under! There was no, unfortunately, no phone.

Later when I returned home & cleaned up, Jenny called to say ‘thank you’ & was relieved to find that in fact her phone was in her Van all the time! ‘Alls well that ends well’ even though I’d spent well over an hour searching for it alone!! Because of the hours spent looking for the keys & phone Jenny promised to make a generous donation to the Margaret Green Animal sanctuary. More photos will be added soon.