Mens White Gold Wedding Ring Lost & Found On Swanage Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Back in July this year, Duncan & family from Surrey visited their beach hut enjoying a warm summers day at the beach. Cooling off and playing with his children, somehow Duncans wedding ring slipped from his finger & into the sea. Trouble is that according to him,  ” it could have been out there somewhere”. I searched a few days after the loss & returned again without success summising it was lost even further out than expected.

Low tides were not expected until another month which increased the risk of the ring slipping deeper into the sand & out of reach. In mid August, early one morning the low tides came. Now the whole area of wet sand was exposed & careful deep scanning was finally acheivable.

After searching for an hour digging up trash after trash a weak signal struck & after two scoops later there it was! Six weeks under the water too! I met Dunacan & wife a few days later who described themselves as being ‘elated’ being reunited with it. They made a generous donation to the Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary.

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