Gents Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Studland Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Newly weds Nigel & wife visited Studland Beach & desicided to take a swim as it had been a gloriuos summers day. After swimming, covering an area of about four tennis courts they dressed & went for a walk. It was some time later his wife noticed “wheres your ring”?! When I was contacted by Nigel I wasnt very optimistic in its recovery. That part of the beach is notorious for the high trash levels as it was used in World War II excercises & beach defences. My first two hour search almost confirmed this.

We were due low tides in a few days so early one morning I returned hoping the sea had retreated far enough to scan more precisely. Carefully gridding out the area proved fruitless but on my first run scanning outside of our proposed boundaries of search the tone of gold nearly defeaned me. The Minelab CTX3030 even displayed ‘overload’ as the machine passed it in 8 inches of water!

When I called Nigel to tell him of my find he was as surprised & pleased as I was myself! Nigel contacted the Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary & made a kind donation.