Gents Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found Near Old Harry Rocks Dorset

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Michael, his wife & friends took a stroll one summers day to Old Harry. Finding some stones, Michael showed a young lad how they used to do ‘flint knapping’ taking off his ring & carefully placing it on a jacket. Later, he threw his jacket on & returned to the car only to realize “wheres my ring”?!

They returned to he long narrow stretch of almost featureless field & searched for over an hour with no success. When Michael called me I was sure it could be found but prepared for a lengthy search. However after just half an hour the CTX3030 suddenly roared gold & there it was- lying in about three inches of grass.

Michael & wife were thrilled to be reunited with it & made a donation to Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary when they returned from holiday.