Single Diamond Gold Engagement Ring Lost & Found On Studland Beach.

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Sara from West Sussex was horrified to feel and SEE both her wedding & engagement ring slip from her fingers into waist height of water along Studland Beach. They managed somehow to see and recover the wedding ring but not the other. Sensibly they marked the area using a large stone they had found. Being close to shore I knew the area would be full of trash & detecting good tones from bad would be difficult & time consuming.

Several attempts were made & after about two hours one tiny tone appeared around trashy others. To my delight, in my scoop I saw the glint of diamond like a cheeky wink and there it wa! Sara was overjoyed & surprised as was I & I snt the ring to her post haste. A kind donation was made to Margaret Green Animal Charity .