Gents White Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found Swanage Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Back in August, Russell and his family from London were making the  most of the last days of summer playing in the sea off Swanage. Unfortunately for him, soon after returning from the sea he noticed his wedding  ring missing!

I was very concerned to hear where it had been lost- I had an unsuccessful recovery from almost the same spot a few days before & put it down to the exceptional soft deep sand in that area. Nevertheless I soon went to the location knowing the tide would be out by then & set the machine for deep targets assuming the sand had well consumed it by then.

The area had already been combed by the 6pm beach hunters but after half an hour, between the trash, 8 inches down came the distinguishable sound of gold! I regard it as a very fortunate recovery due to the deep sand & the treasure hunters regulary in the area.  Russell and his wife were very grateful to retreive the ring back and will endeavour to make a donation to the Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary at Church Knowle.

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  1. Russell King says:

    Hi Richard many thanks again for finding my wedding ring, you really saved my bacon there!

    Best regards


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