Mens Gold Ring Lost & Found In Southbourne

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Maxine & Martin from Southbourne shared their sons loss when his prized gold ring slipped from his finger as he threw something into the overgrown hedge alongside a road. He tried for ages searching through the thorny undergrowth to no avail.

Giving up on his extensive search he told his parents of his loss who subsequently called me in for another try. When I first observed the scene it was obvious it was going to be tough. The thick bushes were laden with thorns & strewn with tin foil, ring pulls & years worth of trashy signals. Our first search yielded nothing so I promised to return armed with equipment to beat back the bushes further.

On my second visit Martin & I cut the bushes back even further effectively doubling our search area. After 20 mins, between many dubious other signals came the unmistakable sound of gold! They met their son that evening & were very excited to return him the ring he deemed gone forever. Martin has made a king donation to The Margret Green Animal Sanctuary.