Mens Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Swanage Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

David & his wife & three children enjoyed a beautiful day on Swanage Beach. Playing football with the children proved a problem though. Noticing his ring was missing David searched desperately for over two hours, even buying a vegetable sieve to search the sands to no avail.

I received Davids anxious Email very early in the morning & knowing how popular Swanage Beach is at this time of year with treasure hunters I made for the area immediately. After searching for half an hour near his location he sieved up it came with the distinctive inscription.

I met David and his family who were very grateful to have the ring back. They made a generous donation to Margret Green Animal Rescue before returning to their home in Italy.

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  1. David Benbow says:

    On Monday, 23rd July, 2018, my wife, three children and I spent a delightful day on Swanage beach.
    Having had a swim, I was drying myself off when I felt through my towel my wedding ring slide off my wet finger. I immediately told the whole family to freeze and gingerly began to run my finger through the soft dry sand.
    The sand on Swanage beach must be among the finest in the country. It is so soft that the ring simply “vanished”. After a fruitless twenty-minute search, I decided the best thing to do was to find an ironmonger’s and buy a garden riddle or builders’ sieve … and shovel.
    I sifted sand looking for my ring for nearly two hours. I cleared a 3- by 4-metre rectangle of soft, dry, surface sand – about the amount shifted by a medium-sized JCB bucket! – to no avail. At 6.15pm I called off the pointless search and left Swanage.
    A kindly RNLI lifeguard (Peter), who had been following my plight, had mentioned a Facebook page which was dedicated to helping people find their lost possessions. From the FB page I quickly located website and was told that Richard Higham was the local searcher, nay, finder, of rings.
    After a sleepless night, at 5.52am I sent an email to Richard. I described what had happened and attached a Google Earth plan of the area in which I thought the ring must be lying.
    At 8.50am I called Richard; he was reading my email message. He said he couldn’t lose time and had to get to the beach. There was a hasty goodbye and I rang off.
    At 9.08am, just a quarter of an hour later given the length of the initial phone call, Richard rang me: he had found the wedding ring! Amazing!
    On Tuesday morning I drove down to Swanage to meet up with Richard. It was here that I discovered what kind of kind person Richard is: I offered a reward, compensation for his time, effort, experience, expertise and kindness … only to be told he didn’t expect reimbursement or payment! He wouldn’t even accept a beer!
    The agreement with Richard on the finding of a lost article is a donation to a charity of his choice. As soon as I receive details of which charity he has chosen, a figure will be flying to its bank account.
    A truly remarkable experience with a very, very happy ending.
    Thank you, Richard!

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