Antique Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found At The New Forest Show, Hampshire

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Removing 6 precious rings from her fingers & placing them into a hat for safe keeping, Karen from Poole thought they were safe. With her husband they were visiting the famous New Forest Show but Karen decided to remove her rings to clean her hands. Placing the ring into a hat then putting the hat on, forgetting they were there caused the rings to be tossed over a wide area.

I received a desperate phone call from them but absolutely stuck at work & couldn’t attend. They had recovered 5 but the 6th, her great grandmothers, was still missing. I happen to have my CTX detector in my car & decided the best option was for their family friend, Rob to collect the detector & try it himself.

After half an hour, camouflaged in the dry grass there it was, the distinctive sound of gold.

Karen was elated to get the ring back & will make a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Rescue. Im glad that I could be of some assistance to them.

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  1. Karen Collins says:

    I can’t recommend and thank Richard enough. To trust us with his equipment to enable me to find this precious ring was so lovely of him. We had the help of some lovely people at the New Forest Show as well Lucy and her mum who parked next to us and another lady called Jo spent 2 hours on our hands and knees helping find 5 of my rings and Hannah and her Police Cadets from the show ground also helped. To loose my Nan’s wedding ring after having it since she gave it to me just before she died 36 years ago would have been devastating so a big thank you again to Richard and everyone involved.

  2. Jo says:

    I’m so glad you found it, I did have sore knees after, I helped as too many people in this world don’t care about others, & I hope if ever I needed that kind of help someone would stop to help me xx kind regards Jo

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