Mens Gold Wedding Band - Lost & Found On Studland Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Ben, originally was from Swanage, was down for a few days with his wife from London making the most of the recent weather. The beach had swollen with people that day so they both wandered off to find a quiet place to swim.

Ben sensibly placed his ring into his jeans pocket for safe keeping but when he returned he forgot the ring was in there and felt it fall from his pocket into the sand somewhere. A desperate search probably made things worse- the ring sank deeper & deeper. They had only been married two years and the sense of loss must have been enormous.

Ben called me a couple of days after he had lost it. Where he had lost it exactly was now a little clouded and with the beach combed every day by treasure hunters – I wasn’t hopeful. I set out and covered 375m square to the north along the beach.. nothing. I begun my grid for another 375m south and after half an hour approx, the sound of gold filled my headphones.

Ben was very grateful to be reunited with the ring and I was grateful as he, without hesitation, contacted Margret Green Animal Rescue and made a generous donation.