Lost & Found Gold Ring, Durdle Door, Dorset

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Driving home from an unforgettable day at Durdle Door, ‘Nish’ from London reflected on the sad events that took place earlier that day.

Nish, like so many people had made the three and a half hour journey to Durdle Door to enjoy the picturesque bay and leave the City behind him. The coves were crowded and he managed to find a quiet spot just around the corner of the ‘Door’ where the sea was calm and the sea bed  easily seen from the clear waters.

Standing in the sea alone Nish casually gazed down at his hands only to his horror to notice the absence of a very important Gold Ring. After searching for some time he realized.. it was lost.

The rest of the day was marred by his loss. People still carried on with their day, swimming, laughing and having fun, For Nish, the fun was over and filled with a sense of loss he began his long long journey home. Nearly an hour into the journey home he pulled the car over with an idea! Try the Internet, ask Google?!

Right away The Ring Finders came up together with my name. We made contact and he sped back to Durdle Door to meet me, time is precious especially when rings are lost in soft sands or shifting pebbles.

We searched for an hour. Nothing. I was losing hope. I quizzed his every move, what he did, “where were you”, “was the ring still on when you stood here etc”? Suddenly, just by the waters edge the CTX let out the distinctive hum of gold. The numbers practically jumped out shouting GOLD!! Absolutely certain it was our ring and having caught a glimpse of it I said, “dont get your hopes up, its probably just a penny”! The look on his face when from the sand in my hand the ring appeared was priceless! The huge hug he gave me said it all and I am always so pleased to be a part of ring recoveries, whoever, wherever, whenever!

It was a pleasure to have met Nish and I am very happy that Nish made a kind donation to help the animals at the Margret Green Animal Sanctuary.


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  1. Nish says:

    Thank You Richard – MY SAVIOUR! Amidst the moment when i was feeling hopeless, useless, devastated i found this saviour who was so spontaneous that he reached the desired venue within 2 hours with all the equipments. He didn’t show any hesitation to jump into the cold water and look for the ring.. He kept us optimistic and we just believed in him and YES HE FOUND IT!!!!

    Without him I would be still living with a deep regret.. A man i would never forget in my life and will always be grateful for..

    Thank you Richard, God bless you & Will see you at my wedding!

  2. Shacheendra Sharma says:

    Hi mate,

    on 07th Sep i lost my engagement ring while taking a dip in the see.

    I have not went deep and was just on shore and i lost it, its a right gold with a Diamond on it.

    please if you help me to find that would be a great help.

  3. Dale says:

    Hello i lost my engagement ring a few weeks ago at durdle door, white gold with halo diamonds cluster

  4. Dale says:

    Hello i lost my ring a few weeks ago whilst in durdle door, i was swimming at tbe time and it just slipped off. Its a white gold ring with a cluster of diamonds sst on a halo formation i would be most greatful if found, i was engaged last year after many family tragedies and also covid to contend with so very sad to have lost it

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