Titanium Gents Wedding Ring Lost & Found In Swanage Bay

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

When Dom Gernon and family of Luton, Beds witnessed his daughters favorite ball slowly drifting out to sea after a day on Swanage Beach heroically he swam out 50 meters to rescue it. Unfortunately in pursuit of the ball he felt his wedding ring slip from his finger and sink beneath 10 feet of water. He tried in vain searching later with a mask and snorkel but unfortunately depth and visibility were against him. I too tried later but the task was impossible and we decided to await the low tides in a few days. We knew the rough location but considering the water would still be 4 feet deep and murky I knew it was not going to be easy.
Over a week later the low tides arrived but a two hour evening searched brought nothing bar some old coins. At dawn the next morning I searched two more hours again concentrating on the periphery of my search area. The remains of a dead crab caught my eye. Its legs, body and claws lay scattered and almost in the middle lay the distinctive round shape of a ring. Without even using the CTX my scoop gathered the ring and remains of the crab and a quick check of the inscription it was the ring I was hunting. This was another example of ‘the Ring found me’!
Mr Gernon was over the moon and made a generous donation to Margret Green Animal Charity.IMG_2370



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