Platinum Wedding Band Lost & Found In Winchester Garden

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Mr Owen Jones of Winchester was very upset to lose his Platinum Wedding Band when playing catch with his son in his garden recently. Even though he had felt the ring be launched from his finger the good news was that both he and his wife heard the ring land close by hitting a wall. This information to all ring finders like myself is very reassuring as the search area is narrowed down and time spent reduced. This though however… turned out not to be the case.
A couple of days after receiving the call I arrived to find a small neat garden with wood chip borders and grass neatly cut. We reenacted the moments leading to the rings loss and focused on the area they had heard the ring land. The search of the garden bore nothing so the search continued over the garden wall and into the dense undergrowth. After nearly two hours in driving rain still nothing and we were quite perplexed as to its whereabouts.
Though a ‘quick look’ around the neighbors garden had been done and the ring was heard to fall elsewhere I decided the neighbors was still worth another look. We knew the ring had made a ‘dink’ sound so I began to look for hard objects it could have struck. Without even turning the CTX on my eye was drawn to a clay pot where at the base of it lay the ring.
Those first few seconds after you find what you’ve been looking for is a feeling of relief and excitement, I wonder how relieved our clients must feel?!
Mr Jones was extremely relieved to have the ring back as was I after such a difficult job detecting through the undergrowth in the pouring rain. My charity, Margret Green Animal Rescue received a generous donation from the Jones family.
Oh…. the ‘dink’ sound the ring made and the search of the wrong garden??? I put this down to the echo they received of the ring landing against the pot in the neighbors garden.IMG_2358