Stunning White Gold 3 Diamond Engagement Ring Found On Studland Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Due to problems with my voicemail I was very concerned as I learnt that someone had lost a ring earlier and left me a message. I consulted a random teenager on the beach who looked an Apple genius who very quickly retrieved my messages.
Mrs Susan Hopcraft and family had enjoyed a day on Studland Beach and just for safe keeping Susan had carefully placed her ring in her jeans pocket when she changed. Like some though she forgot she had placed it there so when it was time to slip her jeans back on…. out slipped the ring! We had a small area to search and wouldn’t take long- a small group also gathered eager to see the outcome.
After only five minutes searching but right on the boundary of our search area the distinctive hum of gold sounded and up came the ring.
A very happy and teary Mrs Hopcroft was delighted to see her ring back on her finger and made a very generous donation to the Air Ambulance. It was probably the prettiest ring I have ever recovered for one of the most generous people too! THIS is what it’s all about!securedownload (1)


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  1. Another great find for a really good cause. (what kind of detector used?)

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