Silver Pendant Of a VW Van Lost & Found On Studland Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Emma Shaw & friends found themselves playing volley ball in one of the many open areas in the sand dunes of Studland Beach. The beach was extensively used in WW2 as a training ground for the forthcoming D-Day landings and a practice bombing range too. Some craters were so large they still exist today as tennis court size ‘bowls’ and it was in one of these bowls Emma & friends found themselves playing.
During the game she accidentally ripped her chain and pendants from around her neck sending them flying in all directions. The chain and two pendants were found immediately but her third disappeared. It was her precious VW Camper she had bought as a teenager with the wish to one day buy a real one of her own.
The first attempt lasted 2 hours but we was unsuccessful. Though the sand looked clean the amount of bomb shrapnel and lead underneath was phenomenal and the scoop was used on nearly every single sweep.
The second attempt lasted another hour and a half- this time a new location but equally the same amount of junk. I was beginning to lose hope when suddenly from the bottom of the scoop, expecting more shrapnel, lay a cute little silver emma

vwVW. My patience and perseverance were tested on this recovery as I could not afford to ignore any signal large of small. Emma has promised a donation to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre shortly.
Emma unfortunately had a sad week losing her pendant and other things and Im very pleased to have made her a little happier recovering something so small and yet so massively important to her.