Lost & Found Gold Wedding Band Ocean Bay, Swanage

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Joan from Devon was holidaying in Swanage with her daughter and children having a great time at Ocean Bay Swanage.
The weather had been great recently and making the most of it Joan decided to play ball in the sea with the kids. However, trying to catch a ‘curve ball’ it hit her hand and off shot the ring! Joan who had been married for 47 years was obviously very upset as her ring rarely left her finger.
We knew the rough area, waist deep in sea water and level with a distinctive marker post. Detecting a careful grid within 5 minutes the CTX 3030 gave the reassuring hum of gold, a couple of scoops and up it came.
It serves as a reminder that although it could have ended up as a band of £50 scrap securedownload (2)

securedownload (3)gold these rings serve so much more and I feel very glad to have helped to advert what could have been a very memorable holiday for all the wrong reasons. Jean has promised to make a donation to the Air Ambulance when she returns from her holiday.

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  1. Another great find.

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