Mens gold Wedding Band- Lost & Found On Southbourne Beach, Dorset

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Received a call from a Mr Kenny Rodman from Southbourne, Dorset. After spending a few hours on the beach Kenny decided to cool off in the sea. He had been enjoying a family day out on the beach with wife Amanda and son Cameron. Whilst only a few feet out he hsad the sensation his wedding band felt loose so clenched his fingers tight. However, leaving the beach almost on all fours he felt the ring come off and slip beneath the waves. Understandibly he returned on several occasions scouring the sand hoping by some miricle it would reveal itself. Alas it didnt. It was his wife Amanda who sort the help of The Ring Finders and I met Kenny the following morning. No sooner than my coil entered the water it gave an almost indistinguishable tone of gold so I decided to scoop it. Luckily I was right as the ring had buried itself some 8″ under due to the breaking waves. Kenny and his wife were extremely pleased at the rings return, Kenny is no longer in the dog house and a generous donation to the Air Ambulance was made by themkennyphoto.