Stunning White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring Lost On Swanage Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

The 8th August 2013 had been a beautiful day in Swanage. The high temperatures and school holidays had brought many to the beach to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. All though, bar one lady- Mrs Pamela Knight on holiday to see friends for a few days. She had dropped and lost her ring into the sand and watched in horror as it quickly sank and disappeared.

I knew this time of year and idyllic conditions brought the beach treasure hunters down in their masses so time was against us. Arriving the same day at the location already there were four other detectorists combing the beach-luckily they hadn’t found it and within 10 minutes I found her lost ring in the sand.

Mrs Knight was overwhelmed as she thought she would never see her lost ring again. She paid me a huge thanks and made a kind donation to the Air Ambulance.photophoto (1)