Richard Higham, Author at The Ring Finders

Two Gold Wedding Rings Lost & Found In Studland Bay.

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

It was a few days after Chris from Bournemouth lost his wedding rings that I received his call. One afternoon after enjoying some time on a speed boat they decided to moor up for lunch. When one of the children jumped into the water he reached out & grabbed Chris’s gold chain where his parents wedding rings had hung for many years. The chain snapped instantly & with nothing to do but watch, the rings sunk down into the sandy waters.

Great care was taken to remember the location as best they could & when I received the call they had a pretty good idea where the rings would lie. About 3 days after the loss I tried in vain because the wind, waves & weed prevented any useful attempt so we decided to abandon the search & try at the next low tide.

On Saturday 16th July low tide came & I began my gridding out. Within half an hour Id found the first, minutes later the second. Chris was delighted to receive the rings back & has made a promise to smelt the two rings into one. Chris has made a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity for which I am most grateful .


Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Lost & Found On Swanage Beach

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Amber & fiance Dan from Fordingbridge had enjoyed a day on the beach in Swanage. Sensibly Amber took her ring off and securely attached it through the strap of her watch. Later when it was time to leave she picked up her watch and felt the ring slip from the strap & disappear into the soft sand.

Desperately they searched for an hour to no avail. I received a phone call from a very distraught Amber so I joined her at the beach immediately. Within minutes the distinctive hum of gold ran through my headphones and there it was. They were both very relieved to see the ring back and probably took Amber another hour to stop shaking.

A donation was gratefully received at the Margret Green Animal Sanctuary so thanks to Amber & Dan.

White Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring – Lost & Found Bournemouth Beach

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

When Beth & husband Dan from Southampton visited Bournemouth it seemed like a perfect day lay ahead of them enjoying the beach.

Unfortunately the fun stopped when Beth felt her precious ring slip from her finger and disappear into the unforgiving soft sand. When panic sets in people lose their precise whereabouts and after some time desperately looking they succumbed to the fact it was lost.

Upon speaking with a passer by they learned of The Ring Finders & promptly gave me call. I left Home immediately & met them on the beach. The first 5 minutes proved nothing but when the search extended 5m the CTX gave the growl of gold!

They were both very relieved to have the ring back and made a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Gold wedding Ring Lost & Found in Dorchester Garden

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

John stood in his Dorchester garden when along came his pet Husky dog seeking attention. He gave the dog a firm pat and felt his ring leave his finger landing somewhere in the garden. After spending many hours searching high and low he called me at the Ring Finders.

I noticed straight away the the ring could not have traveled too far for the fact there was a wire fence bordering the garden. This was both a help and a hindrance as any detectorist knows metal fences and detectors dont mix!

After searching for an hour I resorted to tackling the undergrowth by the wire fence on my hands and knees using just my hand held probe. At the base of the fence, under leaves out of reach of any coil there it was.

John was very relieved to get it back and made a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Gold Signet Ring Lost & Found In Basingstoke Garden

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

David from a small village near Basingstoke, Hants was very upset upset when he discovered whilst gardening to have lost his ring. The ring dated back to the 1800’s & had been handed down by his Grandfather  & one day the same for HIS son too. The ring had obviously seen much history  & for it to have been lost so easily, was very sad.

When I received the call from David I asked the usual investigative questions ascertaining it couldn’t be far & was definitely one of the recoveries that would be extremely rewarding. The journey to his home took s nearly 2 hours & I got straight to work when I arrived. His newly laid lawn took half an hour to scan but revealed nothing but a small lead Victorian Cockerel! It looked as if the ring may have landed in the neighboring farmers field when he threw stones out from the lawn- the field was full of bushes & grass 6 inches tall.

After half an hour the CTX gave the reassuring hum of gold & there it was! The grass was so thick it almost held the ring up presenting it to me, resisting sinking, lost eventually to time. David was extremely relieved to have the ring back & has made a generous donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Mens Gold Wedding Band – Lost & Found On Studland Beach

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Ben, originally was from Swanage, was down for a few days with his wife from London making the most of the recent weather. The beach had swollen with people that day so they both wandered off to find a quiet place to swim.

Ben sensibly placed his ring into his jeans pocket for safe keeping but when he returned he forgot the ring was in there and felt it fall from his pocket into the sand somewhere. A desperate search probably made things worse- the ring sank deeper & deeper. They had only been married two years and the sense of loss must have been enormous.

Ben called me a couple of days after he had lost it. Where he had lost it exactly was now a little clouded and with the beach combed every day by treasure hunters – I wasn’t hopeful. I set out and covered 375m square to the north along the beach.. nothing. I begun my grid for another 375m south and after half an hour approx, the sound of gold filled my headphones.

Ben was very grateful to be reunited with the ring and I was grateful as he, without hesitation, contacted Margret Green Animal Rescue and made a generous donation.



Mens White Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Durley Chine Beach, Bournemouth

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Adam, wife & children regularly visit Bournemouth every year as Adam did as a child himself. Arriving at Durley Chine Beach & eager to play in the sea with his children he forgot he was still wearing his wedding ring which he had noticed “was a little loose”.

Fortunately for him he felt it slip off into the once clear waters ‘clouded up’ by the recent swells and gusty winds. Thoughtfully he paid close attention to the spot he lost it and searched as best he could but to no avail.

Adam called me via The Ring Finders web site and we met that evening. I was not very optimistic even though he knew where the ring had approximately fallen. I made several clumsy recoveries of ring pulls and trash due to the waves breaking on me until I got the distinctive signal of Gold. Blindly scooping as best i could up came the ring!

Adam was very grateful to receive the ring back and made a very kind donation to The Margret Green Animal Charity.


Lost & Found Gold Ring, Durdle Door, Dorset

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Driving home from an unforgettable day at Durdle Door, ‘Nish’ from London reflected on the sad events that took place earlier that day.

Nish, like so many people had made the three and a half hour journey to Durdle Door to enjoy the picturesque bay and leave the City behind him. The coves were crowded and he managed to find a quiet spot just around the corner of the ‘Door’ where the sea was calm and the sea bed  easily seen from the clear waters.

Standing in the sea alone Nish casually gazed down at his hands only to his horror to notice the absence of a very important Gold Ring. After searching for some time he realized.. it was lost.

The rest of the day was marred by his loss. People still carried on with their day, swimming, laughing and having fun, For Nish, the fun was over and filled with a sense of loss he began his long long journey home. Nearly an hour into the journey home he pulled the car over with an idea! Try the Internet, ask Google?!

Right away The Ring Finders came up together with my name. We made contact and he sped back to Durdle Door to meet me, time is precious especially when rings are lost in soft sands or shifting pebbles.

We searched for an hour. Nothing. I was losing hope. I quizzed his every move, what he did, “where were you”, “was the ring still on when you stood here etc”? Suddenly, just by the waters edge the CTX let out the distinctive hum of gold. The numbers practically jumped out shouting GOLD!! Absolutely certain it was our ring and having caught a glimpse of it I said, “dont get your hopes up, its probably just a penny”! The look on his face when from the sand in my hand the ring appeared was priceless! The huge hug he gave me said it all and I am always so pleased to be a part of ring recoveries, whoever, wherever, whenever!

It was a pleasure to have met Nish and I am very happy that Nish made a kind donation to help the animals at the Margret Green Animal Sanctuary.

Mens Wedding Ring Lost & Found On Studland Beach, Dorset

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Liam Russell & family from Frome, Somerset visited Studland Beach in June, attracted by the gentle sea & the almost white fine sand. The sand though, like many other ring losses proved yet again though – ‘drop it & its gone’!

In the past I have recovered rings whereby people have thoughtfully removed them, left them in a shoe or placed on a T Shirt only to be dropped later into the sand. This was such a case. These are easy recoveries as we know where they are but often sink deeper after people attempt to recover them themselves.

My worry was that it had been 24 hours since the loss & in an area often scoured by beach combers. Fortunately the ring had sunk sufficiently enough to lay undetected & recovered after about 10 minutes.

Liam was very eager to be reunited with the ring & drove all the way to my work to collect it. He was very grateful & kindly made a donation to Margret Green Animal Sanctuary.

Lost & Found White Gold Mens Wedding Ring in Wimborne Horse Paddock

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Stuart Cohen from Wimborne was gutted to find he had lost his wedding band in his horse paddock whilst ‘cleaning up his dogs business’. Unfortunately we didnt know quite where, so the search area was potentially large and I prepared myself for an extensive hunt.

The ring had particular value as that not only was it his wedding ring but the fact that it was bought in Las Vegas where he was married. We scratched our heads and came up with a search plan that worked almost immediately. Just a few yards from our start point, deep in the long grass the detector let out a huge whine as it passed over the ring.

Stu was very relieved and grateful to get the ring back and promised not only to make a donation to the Margret Green Animal Sanctuary but to also get the ring re-sized!