Lost Wedding Band at Beach, Found in Son-in-Law’s Back Yard. Centerville, MA.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Eric’s ring was not lost at a beach as he originally thought, but rather it was lost in his son-in-law’s back yard while cutting down a tree.

Yes it happens, the initial belief of having lost a ring or other object in one area is not always the actual area in which the item was actually lost. This is proof of one such lost wedding band.

I had receive a call from Chris about his lost wedding band in his yard. While searching I found a ring. When I gave the ring to Chris, to my surprise, he said “This is not my ring. It is too big”. There was no immediate connection to a ring lost by Eric’s ring as it was believed his ring had been lost at a beach some five miles away. Several minutes later and after a call to Vermont, a probable connection was made but not verified until a Thanksgiving Day visit. What a day it was to rejoice for Thanksgiving and having a lost item returned.

Please read the posting: Words I never thought I would hear “It’s Not My Ring”. It is about my search for a missing wedding band for Chris.

Chris on left, Eric on right in the picture