Lost Rings Cape Cod - Found & Returned by Cape Cod team

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

    Jan 17, 2011

      A message from RingFinders.com via Gateway Treasure Hunter Club put me in contact with JianJian who had seen her wedding rings leave her finger as she shook cold snow from them. The joyful play time with her two children turn to tears and a several stressful days.

Eight days after the loss and several bath tubs of snow being melted Kent B. from GTHC and I parked along 4-5 foot tall piles of snow to start our search. Power lines proved too much for one detector and a lowering of the sensitivity of a new, barrowed from J&E Enterprise, Garrett ATPro was a necessity. The ATPro was setup before hand in the PRO-CUSTOM mode specifically tuned to find platinum. Forty-five minutes into the search the ATPro sounded off for the first time. The reading locked up on 51, 4 points lower than my sample platinum ring.

The other machine being used could not “see” the target which was reading at 8 inches on the ATPro. A second shovel full of snow was removed, put on the roadway and the engagement ring was recovered. A second signal also locked on 51, but had a broken tone, also could not be “seen” by the second detector. From the second shovel full of snow the one of a kind, ornately designed, wedding band emerged.

Photo taking started before JianJian was told of the find. That action was the clue something was up and she came running out of the warm house with more excitement and appreciation than anyone I have ever returned a ring to. A few more photos were taken and a warm refreshment was offered. A wonderful cup of Green Tea was enjoyed over many detecting stories and the story of the diamond.

JianJian came to Massachusetts from an area in China where even a thought of a diamond engagement ring is something that would rarely enter a young woman’s mind. Years after JianJian’s wedding she was looking through a box of her husband’s great-great grandfather’s items and came across a piece of folded up wax paper. The contents, a single diamond, had been worn in a tie tack or similar adornment. A diamond ring was made and worn with respect in honor of the past owner. To say the least the ring had a great deal of sentimental value to JianJian.

My thanks go to Chris of RingFinders.com for passing the information along, Kent for keeping me company and aiding in the search and Eleanor for the use of the Garrett ATPro. Of course JianJian deserves my biggest THANK YOU for her open energetic personality, warmth and gratitude in allowing us to help in having a Happy Ending to a situation only she experienced the full breadth of. I know each person will be brought to mind every time I sip on a warm cup of Green Tea.