Sentimental Gold Charm Necklace Recovered at Seminary in Philadelphia, PA suburbs

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a call from Michael on September 11, 2019 regarding a lost gold charm necklace that was lost by his friend Williams during a friendly soccer game with fellow volunteers at a Philadelphia area Catholic seminary. The very personal and sentimental necklace was a gift to Williams from his grandmother and he had spent 3 straight days on his hands and knees searching the soccer field for it. He also raked the field in hopes of finding it with no success. When I received the call I was happy to let them know I could stop by and try to find with my metal detector that coming Friday. Upon my arrival Friday I was greeted by Michael and several other volunteers and a soon-to-be ordained priest. I went straight to work and gridded out the part of the field I was told it was most likely lost. I was a little concerned about my chances of success for 2 reasons; 1) its a gold chain necklace which are commonly difficult to pick up with a detector and 2) it was obvious the whole field was raked previously in search of it.

About 15 minutes into me search I received a quality low-tone signal of an item on the surface of the field…I was beyond excited that I found the necklace! Upon receiving the recovered necklace there was pure joy all around by all the people present…especially Williams.

I was pleased and happy to accept a hearty and sincere  blessing from the priest in lieu of any compensation. I gratefully received a blessing for my health and welfare as well as that of my family and also for my work in helping people as a Ringfinder!