Beautiful wedding band recovered in Wilmington, DE

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Doug contacted me late afternoon in a bit of a panic. He was at a corporate picnic at a Delaware state park and while playing volleyball with his colleagues he realized his very sentimental wedding band was no longer on his finger. While he did not know the exact moment when it slipped off he was quite sure he lost it in the middle of a heated volleyball game.
I had just gotten home from work and told him I could be there in about an hour…he gratefully said he would be waiting for me. When I got there he showed me the area of the volleyball court where he thought it most likely came off. I took 5 minutes and demonstrated how my equipment works so h e could be confident that I would find it as long as he put me in the area that it was lost. It took about 10 minutes to search the side of the court where he thought he lost it with no success. I suggested not to despair… I would check the other side. 30 seconds later this heavy, beautiful, white gold band showed itself for my detector. Cheers all around!!! Doug and his wife were extremely happy to have his beautiful ring back in their possession.