14K Wedding Ring Found in Lake Anna - Bumpass Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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Received a call from my fellow theRingFinder partner, Rob Ellis, about a ring lost in the water at Lake Anna in Virginia. Rob and I will partner up on dives at times to ensure we have a dive buddy, and just because it’s fun to hang out together.

Rob gave me some of the details… Colin, the customer was staying at rental home along Lake Anna with some of his buddies. At one point Colin was in the water in a Kayak and his friends were tossing a football out to him around 30-40 yards from shore maybe. One attempt to catch the ball was unfortunate as this is when his wedding ring came off his finger and he watched it quickly sink out of site. Colin gave Rob and I relatively good area of where the Kayak was as he’d had a photo taken, this was very fortunate and good thinking.

Rob and I suited up, we’d both brought our dive flags to ensure (hopefully) safety from boaters, anchor lanyards to keep from drifting, lights, detectors, etc…and we’re ready to go. Brought the Excalibur II and Equinox 800, went with the Nox on this trip. Colin was our surface safety watcher.

Visibility was poor at best, typical of Lake Anna, maybe 6-8 inches with massive particulates. At the bottom though visibility was near zero! Rob started to conduct a search grid to the left and I started in the opposite direction on the right. After surfacing once or twice Colin directed me a little more to the right of the current location I was searching, I dove back down. With visibility at zero all finds with the Equinox 800 had to be hand fed/felt then brought directly up to my mask in an attempt to see it…and THEN…BANG..a nice sound..but it was hard to read the screen on the Nox so I grabbed where the hit had come from and came up with something that felt round in my hand. I still wasn’t sure…maybe it was another fishing weight…got it closer and there it was packed in with Lake Anna mud. I rolled my finger over the ’roundness’ of the ring under water to make sure it was what I thought it was….
Colin was ecstatic his ring could have even been found in this massive lake, he could not have been happier to have it returned.


Thank you Rob for allowing me to join you on this hunt! Always fun hanging out with you! You usually make the finds, but this one was mine LOL!!


God Bless and Happy Hunting

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