Bocce Ball Engagement Ring Found! – Hartland, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

An afternoon of playing Bocce Ball ended on a devastating note when Hartland, WI resident, Morgan, realized her engagement ring was missing from her hand. She and her fiancé looked and looked all over their lawn and garden area where they had played but the delicate ring was nowhere to be found.

Desperate, Morgan scoured the internet for a metal detector. That’s when she discovered The Ring Finder’s directory of metal-detecting specialists and my name. I received a phone call from Morgan asking if I might be able to help. After asking many forensic-type questions about her activities and the circumstances leading up to the loss, I arranged to meet Morgan on location that same afternoon.

The search was a long shot. The ring could have been anywhere, including inside the house. But one tiny bit of evidence surfaced in our conversation which proved to be a game changer. Morgan had taken the ring off her hand just prior to playing Bocce Ball. She had placed it into a pocket of her sweatshirt for safekeeping. At one point she tucked her cellphone into the same pocket and remembered feeling the ring when she did so. It was clear the ring was in her possession as she exited the garage to go outside. The ring had to be somewhere in the grass or garden where they played. But it was a very large yard area. Where to begin? Sometimes there is very little useful information for determining where to start a search. And so I made a random decision to begin searching at one end of the yard.

Morgan hovered nervously as my detector barked out the presence of metal in the ground. It would take some careful analysis of all the signals to isolate the presence of a petite gold ring. As it turned out, I was surprised to see and hear a signal consistent with Morgan’s ring hardly 15 minutes into the search. Visually, I didn’t initially see the ring in the thick grass. But investigating further, Morgan’s beautiful ring came to the light of day again! Morgan preferred not to have her picture posted here, but I can tell you, the smile on her face was priceless!

If you or someone you know has lost a ring or other jewelry item, contact a member of The Ring Finders. Don’t lose hope. They just might be able to put a smile on your face!

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