Boat Wedding Ring Lost & Found! Eagle Lake, Wisconsin.

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

The evening of June 9th found Damien Rushing reaching over the back of his boat as he neared shore on Eagle Lake, Wisconsin. As he did, the unthinkable happened! His 18k gold wedding ring slipped off his finger into the murky water. As his precious ring disappeared into the lake’s depths, it was like watching a slow-motion video with the sound turned off. Could it really be happening!

Despite Damien’s valiant attempts to retrieve his ring with the help of friends and strangers who came to his rescue, the ring seemed destined to remain forever hidden in the lake’s muddy crypt of secrets, never to see the light of day again.

Just after 5:00 a.m. the next morning, my phone let off a text-message alert. It was Damien. A long and sleepless night led to the discovery of my metal-detecting services @ The Ring Finders website directory. Could I help?

I rearranged my work schedule as a Hospice Chaplain and agreed to meet on location at Eagle Lake, a half-hour drive away. Damien was waiting for me @ 7:30 when I pulled into the parking lot close by the boat dock. The chilly morning, overcast sky, a light drizzle and the desperation on Damien’s face made our meeting a somber one at best.

I quickly donned my Minelab Excalibur underwater detector, gathered my extraction equipment and waded out into the area where Damien believed the ring had come off his hand. The lake bottom bore witness of years of human activity. Metallic signals, like a football stadium, competed for attention in my headphones. Additionally, a large retaining wall made of heavy iron was close by. Distinguishing a small gold-ring from amongst such a cacophony of sounds was challenging even with my 40-plus years of metal-detecting experience. Not to mention the deep mud.

Finally, after about an hour of eliminating targets in an especially “busy” patch of signals, Damien’s precious ring lay in my sieve, glistening once again in the light of day! And the smiles on both our faces tell the rest of the story!

TESTIMONIAL: Paul’s metal detecting skills and prompt attention are amazing. He took time out of his schedule to look for my lost ring on short notice. The area that the ring was lost was loaded with metal and underwater debris. The dark murky water reduced the visibility to only a few inches so I had little hope of seeing it they the water. I am forever grateful I found him on ring finders. Paul has a great personality, is passionate about his work, and has a very helping heart. Damien Rushing (Client)

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