Long-Lost Septic Tank Found! – Waukesha, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Forty-four years ago, Waukesha, Wisconsin residents, Don and Lynne Holle built a house out in the country. At the time it was far from municipal water and sewer services. The solution was to install a traditional septic tank which has worked just fine. But now, all these years later, the tank needed servicing and the company would not come until the tank’s access hatch was unearthed. The problem was, neither Don or Lynn could recall exactly where the tank was located.

Don dug around in various places, hoping to land on the concrete surface, but to no avail. He recalled how the hatch lid bore a metal handle. Maybe he could locate the handle if he rented a metal detector. It was then he stumbled across the ring finder’s website and my blogsite. I received a phone call from Don with his unusual request. It was not so unusual really. After all, we are metal-detecting specialists. Whether the metal is ferrous (iron) or non-ferrous (precious metals such as gold, silver, etc.), my metal-detection equipment is suited for the job. Indeed, just the night before I had helped a man locate his iron survey markers for his property. And so, I agreed to meet Don at his home and try to find his long-lost septic tank.

Shoulder-high trees had begun to sprout in the area where the tank was located. This meant using a small coil, one that could be maneuvered around the new growth. The ground was full of ferrous targets, etc., wire and old rusty fencing nails. Eventually, I checked out a little indentation in the ground not far from the entrance lane and when I did, a significant ferrous signal showed on my controller screen and howled its presence in my headset. A little bit of digging soon revealed what Don was hoping to find, the metal handle on the lid of his long-lost septic tank!

No, it wasn’t a gold wedding ring. However, I must say, the smile on Don’s face matched many a smile from clients whose rings I’ve found! Mystery solved! And now the trusty old septic tank can be serviced for many more years to come.

If you need a metal detector and are considering renting a machine, try giving a member of the ring finders a call. He or she has the equipment and the experience to find what you are looking for. Let them put a smile on your face!

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