Wedding Ring In A Hat Found! – Nagawicka Lake, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

This search and recovery experience was definitely a family affair! July 4th weekend found Minnesota resident, David Stoesz, relaxing on the dock of his brother, Michael’s home on Wisconsin’s beautiful Nagawicka Lake. An urge to take a swim reminded David that his Tungsten Carbide wedding ring needed protection. He had heard horror stories of people losing their rings in the water and so he carefully removed it and placed it in his hat for safe keeping. But as luck would have it, a wind gust blew the hat and ring off the dock and into the water! The ring disappeared in the deep mud and aquatic plants, its dark tungsten color working like camouflage making it impossible to see. Repeated attempts to locate the ring failed to bring it to the light of day.

I was contacted by David’s brother-in-law, Nate, who discovered me on The Ring Finders directory of metal-detecting specialists. He reached out on behalf of David. Nate didn’t want to give up on the ring and asked if I might try and find it. I made arrangements with David’s brother, the home owner, to do a search. Three weeks later on July 25th we met.

As is often the case, the area around the dock was full of metallic debris—old beer cans, rusty bolts, screws, pull tabs and aluminum, evidence of nearly a century of cottage life. Tungsten Carbide is a unique metallic composition which can make metal detecting even more challenging. It masks other metals. After nearly 45 minutes of searching and sifting through the mud and weeds, David’s wedding band finally lay in my sieve amongst shells and stones. It blended in so well it nearly escaped my notice. Michael, my helpful companion throughout the search, received it vicariously on his brother’s behalf.

It was clearly a case of family coming to David’s rescue. And I was privileged to have a part in keeping the story of David’s wedding ring alive and well.

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