Volley-Ball Wedding Ring Found! – Delafield, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Not many people have their very own beach-volley ball court in their backyard. But Delafield, Wisconsin resident, Travis McGoldrick has one. He was playing volley ball with his kids the evening of July 12th when a spike of the ball dislodged his wedding band. The ring just vanished! Despite raking and sifting through the sand, searching the areas close by, even renting a metal detector, the ring remained in its hiding place.

I received a text message from Travis on Monday, July 26th asking if I might help to locate his ring. That evening I arrived at his home and together we walked behind the house to view the volley ball court and surrounding grass, woods and gardens. Did the ring leave his hand in the forward stroke or flip behind? Either way, a heavy gold ring can travel quite a distance when propelled by such force. In my mind I prepared for a long evening.

Travis wasn’t certain about his ring’s metallic composition, whether it was made of gold, silver, platinum, or one of the newer titanium or tungsten carbide models. Knowing this information helps calibrate my equipment. Travis left me to start searching while he went to the house to double check with his wife about the metal. “She would know,” he told me.

Assuming the ring was made of gold, I started searching the sand court with my XP Deus wireless detector, beginning at one corner. Immediately, I encountered a heavy presence of electromagnetic interference from buried power lines in the yard. It took some fine tuning to overcome the noise. Such interference had hindered Travis’s search efforts with his rented machine.

Imagine my surprise when less than 10 minutes into the search an appropriate signal reached my headphones. More surprising was when It turned out to be Travis’ ring!

Travis returned from the house and confirmed his ring was 14K white gold. I responded by holding out his ring saying, “Well, that description matches this ring!” His wife of 15-years soon joined the celebration. And Travis’ smile tells the rest of the story.

“Lost my ring playing sand volleyball with my kids. After multiple amateur attempts to find the ring with a rented metal detector I contacted Paul & he found it in the sand after 10 minutes. Wonderful guy and would recommend him if you find yourself in need of his services!”

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