Engagement Ring Lost in Snow & Found!—Mount Pleasant, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

January 17th brought fresh snow! It also brought sadness!

Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin resident, Megan, was clearing the white blanket off her car’s windshield when she felt her engagement ring leave her hand and vanish into the snow. A desperate search ensued by Megan’s fiancé and other family members. Scooping the snow into buckets and using a wheelbarrow, they melted the icy contents with hot water in hopes of revealing the ring, but their valiant efforts failed to bring the precious love token to light. It was as though the snow had swallowed it. Was it gone for good?

In the days to follow, a sick feeling in the pit of Megan’s stomach served as catalyst for scouring the Internet for help. That’s when she discovered The Ring Finder’s Directory of metal-detecting specialists and my contact information.

I received a text from Megan the following Tuesday, January 21st. After a brief telephone call, arrangements were made to perform a search the next evening.

On arrival, I saw evidence where the snow had been removed from the front yard. Since darkness arrives early during the winter months in our part of the world, I employed a professional tactical light attached to my wireless XP Deus Detector. The ground, as expected, was full of metallic debris making it necessary to carefully assess each signal. It was a slow process.

I was almost finished scouring the front yard when a signal reached my ears—one consistent with a gold ring. Brushing the loose snow away revealed solid ice beneath. Whatever was the source of the signal, was encased in the ice. I carefully chipped around the area and pried the frozen disc from the ground so as not to damage the ring if it was there. As it turned out, it was indeed Megan’s precious ring!

It is always cause for celebration when a ring is found and this recovery was no different. Tears, hugs and smiles ensued. It was a happy household once again.

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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Paul! That snow sure can cause problems but a ring cannot hide from a man and his metal detector! Nice job.
    Mike in sunny Florida

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