Lost Wedding Ring Found! – Mequon, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Andre Bilak, of Mequon, WI, was installing a vapor barrier in a crawl space when his wedding ring went missing. In his own words, “I was hand shoveling pea gravel… and after several hours of moving and replacing pea gravel I noticed I no longer had my wedding ring.”

It didn’t take me long to detect the area in question. I was 99.9% sure the ring was not where Andre thought it was. In questioning Andre further, he mentioned cleaning paint from his hands near a garden shed behind his house. I asked him to take me there. Sure enough, there lay his ring in the grass where it had fallen in front of the shed.

This is a case where forensic questioning paid off. A timeline of activities helps to narrow the search areas and led to investigation of an area Andre had not thought about.

So glad we were successful, Andre!