Lost Wedding Ring Found! – Wales, Wisconsin

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Frisbee golf is a popular sporting activity here in Wisconsin. On Monday, July 16th, Waukesha resident, Paul Rottmann, and a friend were engaged in the game at the Wales Community Park when a cricket suddenly landed on Paul’s leg. He instinctively swatted at the intruder sending his tungsten wedding ring flying. After a lengthy search, even with the help of a metal detector, the ring remained at large. I received a phone call from Paul asking if I might bring my 45-plus years metal detecting experience to assist.

I arranged to meet Paul on location the next evening and quickly set up a grid search. It included a heavily weeded ravine. After two hours, a promising signal beckoned investigation and there in the thick foliage, Paul’s ring came to light. I called Paul over and handed him my headphones and XP Deus probe. Guiding his hand in the general area where I knew his ring lay, he soon heard the signal and began to comb through the grass with his fingers. It didn’t take long for him to lift the ring up out of its hiding place!

Thanks, Paul, for the opportunity to search for and to find your ring! May its story continue for many happy years.

TESTIMONIAL: Paul is truly a remarkable find. He shows a great passion in helping you recover your lost treasure and I would not hesitate to call him again should the need arise. Paul Rottmann – Waukesha, WI

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  1. RayC says:

    Good find , Paul Sorry cut our chat short yesterday we had a good time with the Kids Else, jean and the girls went to Costco Dave and I sat and chatted – I look forward to our next engagement RayC

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