Lost Wedding Ring Found! – Lake Winnebago, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

A game of tackle football in knee-deep water ended on a down note when Oshkosh Wisconsin resident, Chandler, came up without his wedding ring. Everybody began searching but only a few coins were found; the ring had vanished. Compared to Lake Winnebago’s 215 square miles, a man’s wedding band is a small item indeed. A couple days later I received an email from Brooke, Chandler’s wife, asking if I would be willing to conduct a search. I agreed to drive up on Friday afternoon, an hour and a half from where I live in Waukesha.

Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by ‘Goose’, Chandler’s Italian Spinone. The centuries-old breed is renown for its bird-hunting prowess and for having human-like eyes that seemingly search deep into the crevices of one’s soul. Too bad he wasn’t trained to sniff out rings in water, I mused.

Chandler had his boat ready and so we soon arrived at the sandy shore where he thought the ring went missing. We searched for about 3 hours but were forced to abandon our efforts when a storm suddenly loomed threateningly on the horizon. We boated for cover even as the winds began churning the surface of Wisconsin’s largest inland lake.

A couple days later, on Sunday, July 23rd, my wife, Kathleen, and I headed northward once again to finish the search. I received kind permission to access the lake from ‘John’ the landowner whose house backed onto to the shore where Chandler’s ring was believed to be lost. John was most gracious!

After about 3 hours of scanning the sandy lake bottom the signal I was looking for showed up on my XP Deus detector. Moments later I extracted Chadler’s ring from a mass of zebra mussel shells in my scoop. The smile on the faces of Chandler and Brooke tell the rest of the story!


“My husband and I are beyond thrilled with Paul Humphrey’s dedicated search to finding my husband’s wedding band in Lake Winnebago. Paul went above and beyond our expectations, coming back a second time to scour the area that he wasn’t able to search the first time around. As far as customer service goes, Paul gets our highest accolades. Thank you again Paul for generously donating your time to find my husband’s wedding band!” Brooke – Oshkosh, WI

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  1. Vicki says:

    This is so awesome! I am Brooke’s mom and I know how much that ring meant to them. They were so disappointed you didn’t find it the first time up. So cool of you and your wive to come back up and continue the search! My family had a wonderful week-end at Brooke and Chandler’s and this is a great happy ending! Thank you for your determination! Vicki

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