Lost Platinum Ring Found! Mequon, Wisconsin

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

P1060528The 29th of December 2013 was not a pleasant day for Marina. Temperatures were well below zero as she braved the elements to get in her daily run. Conscious her hands and fingers had shrunk from the cold, she stopped, removed her wedding band, and placed it safely in her zippered jogging pouch. Later, as reached into the pouch to retrieve another item, to her horror she realized it had come unzipped and her precious ring was gone. Frantically she retraced her jogging route but the ring was nowhere to be seen. To make matters worse, a snowplow passed over the area pushing mountains of snow into the roadside ditch.

I received an email from Marina the next day and arranged to meet her at the scene. Despite our best efforts in the minus-30 degree Fahrenheit cold and brutal winds, the ring was nowhere to be found. It seemed to have vanished. In all likelihood it was resting deep, deep under the snow and beyond the detection capabilities of my Minelab Excalibur. We agreed to search again in the springtime after the snow had melted.

The record-breaking winter finally gave way to springtime. As it relinquished its hold, I kept watching the receding snow in the roadside ditches in anticipation of returning to Mequon to resume the search for Marina’s ring. Finally, the time came to return. And sure enough, some 80 yards up the road from where Marina first discovered her loss, the wedding band and my detector greeted each other as if they were long-long friends; the snowplow had obviously pushed it down the road a lot further than any of us thought was possible.

A quick phone call with the good news made Marina’s day! And the subsequent smile on her face made mine!

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