Is This 1960 Wedding Band Yours?

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Is this 1960 wedding band yours? Inscribed April 18, 1960, the keen nose of a family dog lead its owner to investigate. The discovery occurred over a decade ago at a rest stop near Grantsburg, Wisconsin alongside the St. Croix River off State Highway 70.

The conscientious individual that found this ornate love-token desires to return it to the owner or owner’s family. Sadly, much of the inscription is worn away. All that remains, as the photos show, is 14K F. (or J.)….. G. 4-18-’60.

If you recognize this ring or have any information that might help identify its owner, contact:
262 574 7702.

It is my hope that the finder’s integrity will inspire many

Grantsburg Rest Stop

others to take the same refreshing ‘high road’ in making every reasonable effort to return lost jewelry items to their rightful owner. This is the core value shared by our team at

Paul Humphreys
Metal Detecting Specialist
Wisconsin, USA