Lost Wedding Band... Found Near Oskaloosa Iowa


Wow it’s been awhile, I had to relearn how to do the post and the pictures.

I received a call Sunday June 25th from a very nice guy named Mark. He had lost his wedding band in a private pond near his house. He was trying to clean weeds off his swimming area and in the process lost his gold wedding band at the bottom of the pond. He told me he was pretty sure where the ring came off. So we made a plan to meet today after lunch. When I arrived I met Mark and his wife. I then got my equipment together and he led me down to the area to search. He pointed out the place in the water where he thought the ring came off. I searched out to chest deep water and asked him if I was close. He said your a little deep and it’s on your left. So I turned toward my left took a few steps toward shore and got a good signal. One signal and one scoop and I had his ring! That almost never happens to me!

Thanks Mark for trusting me to find your ring and the nice reward.