Lost Wedding Band Found...Marion, Iowa


I received a call from a young man named Eric on Wednesday. He said he lost his

wedding band the holiday weekend before. He said he was in the water at a lake and throwing a football when he felt his ring come off.

Some of the problems were he was in 5 feet of water and he was in another state 190 miles away. So on this Saturday I made the 3 hour drive with a map showing the general location of his ring.

I searched for around two hours going from the deep water to shallow. I finally got a perfect solid gold hit on the CTX3030, it showed 12-14 at zero inches  in waist deep water.

It was his ring! So glad I could find his ring for this young couple.

Good luck to all of the ring finders out there.

Norm SlaymakerDSCF1589DSCF1590

2 Replies to “Lost Wedding Band Found…Marion, Iowa”

  1. That’s getting pretty deep… sometimes you wish you were 7′ tall?? (I do often). Good find.

  2. Dave Millman says:

    Nice job! That was pretty heroic, driving to another state!

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