Thrown Wedding Ring Lost and Found, Flagler Beach, Florida

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a call from Ken asking me if I could help him find his lost ring. I asked Ken the usual questions, “When did you loose your ring? and What were you doing when you lost it?”  Ken seemed a bit embarrassed about the exact details and finally said that he had actually thrown the ring out the balcony sliding door!  I assured Ken that these things do happen and the most important thing now was to find his missing ring.

Later that same day I met Ken at his home and he showed me the area where the ring was thrown.  After a 20 minute search, the ring was found along the edge of the neighbors sidewalk hiding under a few blades of grass.

Thank you Ken for your generous reward and remember, no matter how you lost it I am here to help!!

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