Lost Diamond Engagement ring, Atlantic Beach, Florida...Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Labor Day I received a phone call from David in Jacksonville, Florida saying his fiance dropped her engagement ring in the ocean in ankle deep water as the tide was coming in! Their day was ruined and all they could think about was that the ring was gone and there was nothing they could do! David began thinking about renting or buying a metal detector and looking for the ring himself and while searching on line up popped The Ring Finders web site. As we talked about the details of how we could meet and when, it seemed that the sooner I could get there and begin looking the better the chances were of finding their lost ring.

So the next day my wonderful wife and I drove the 2 and a half hours to Atlantic Beach to meet David and his beautiful fiance Andrea. As the tide was coming in very quickly I searched a large area of wet sand with no luck. I knew that I needed to wait until the tide was out again to be able to look over the exact area where they figured they dropped the ring. So from 7 to 10:30 I waited for the tide to turn. We said our goodbyes to David and Andrea around 11 and I went back to the beach to chase the water out to low tide. For the next 3 hours I swung the Tiger Shark hoping and praying I would find the ring–but nothing. Around 2:00am I decided to take a short break and switch to the Whites DFX. I stepped off 50 paces and stuck a shovel in the sand to mark the area where David said he thought the ring had dropped. I began searching around the shovel and within 5 minutes I got a good signal and there 3 inches down was her engagement ring!

Even though it was very early morning and I knew David and Andrea were sound asleep, I had to call and wake them to give them the great news! This time Andrea was crying tears of joy! The next morning I presented Andrea with her ring and more tears of joy, huge smiles and hugs for all!

This is what it is all about! Reconnecting a precious item with it’s rightful owner so the story can continue. Thank you Andrea for your kind words and congratulations to you and David on your upcoming wedding and may your story of the “Lost and Found Ring” be remembered and told for years to come.

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Like Chris Turner says, I too really love my job!!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Only two months left until my wedding day, I unfortunately dropped my engagement ring in the Atlantic Ocean. As I saw it slip out of my hand, I thought it was gone forever. After a brief search on the internet, my fiance found Mike McInroe, a wonderful kind hearted man. I felt that Mike was the last hope that I could hold on to in finding my engagement ring. Mike came to Jacksonville the very next day to search for my missing ring!

    After a long search that day and as the tide came back in that later afternoon for the last time in daylight I felt like the search was over, I had finally lost hope. I parted with my ring at that very moment as I thought Mike had finished his search. To my surprise, Mike came to me and said that he was going to continue his search that evening until the tide went back out again. Mike was my knight in shining armor! At that very instant I felt so overwhelmed with joy that this man brought back hope to me in the most unselfish way possible.

    My fiance and I left the beach that evening around 10:30pm praying that Mike would find our ring. I felt so much at peace driving back home after speaking to Mike and having him reassure me that he was going to do everything he possibly could to find my ring. I did understand that my ring was a materialistic item, yet it had so much meaning behind it and was so special to me. Sure enough at 2:25am, I received a call that Mike had found my ring!! It was the most special indescribable moment I have ever felt. I personally want to say thank you to Mike for showing me that the Lord does work in such mysterious ways, bringing my fiance and I closer together during such a loss and reuniting me with my engagement ring. Mike was such a great person to work with and he truly did such a great job! Thanks Mike! 🙂


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