Lost Monster Diamond Ring, Fernandina Beach, Florida...Found

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Aug. 11th I received an e-mail from Cassi saying her husband lost his wedding ring while swimming at the beach and asking if I could possibly help them find it. She said it was not your ordinary ring and that it was actually 3 white gold rings put together with a total of 19 diamonds!!! You can just imagine how devastated they were when they spent a half hour in waist deep water frantically searching and not able to locate it. I called her back right away after reading her e-mail and tried to get more information on the exact area and how long it had been since they lost the ring. The soonest I could get to that beach would be the following Saturday. If they could put me in as close as possible an area then I felt there was some hope of finding the ring. There had been no storms along the coast and the surf had been fairly calm so with a heavy ring like that there was a good chance it was still roughly in the same area, I hoped!

So the following Saturday I drove 2 hours to Fernandina Beach and was met by Micha and Cassi and we started right away trying to figure out just where they were when the ring came off. I spent 5 hours griding and searching in and out of the water with no luck! Around 3pm Cassi said they would be heading back home to Georgia and gave me my gas $ and asked me how much longer I would continue looking. Because I had the whole day off and was waiting for low tide I decided to keep searching for a few more hours. We said our goodbyes. Two hours later while griding the wet sand area I got a good signal and out of the sand pops this massive set of rings with sparkling diamonds!! I could not get to my phone fast enough to call Micha and Cassi and as they answered the phone I said “You’re right Cassi, your husbands ring is huge!!” I had to hold the phone away from my ear for all the shouts and hollering! It was an awesome experience to be able to find this ring and to return it to its rightful owners and to see and hear the joy and happiness it brought them.

So their story continues and my adventures are just starting!  Thanks to Chris Turner and  “The Ring Finders” I have received phone calls and e-mails from folks near and far away asking if I can help them find their lost items.

I too really love my job!!

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  1. Dave Ertz says:

    great job mike,that ring is massive.im glad you made them so happy.its nice if you have a day off and can spend the time
    to give it your all.great job!!!!!

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