Found Wedding Ring in Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


Got a call this afternoon from a gentleman who lost his platinum wedding ring while mulching around his shrubs. So I went straight home from work, grabbed my detectors and headed to his house.

He and his wife took me around the yard showing me the likely areas to search. His ring fits loose in the chilly weather, so he thought it may have fallen off and got shoveled out into the woods with the old mulch.

After searching the yard for about an hour, dusk started to settle in. They suggested taking a look in the garage and in a large barrel where he had been discarding empty mulch bags. I ran my Goldmaster around the base of the plastic barrel and got a banging loud signal with the right numbers. So I started removing trash and putting it in another container. Right in the very bottom was a fantastic sight, his ring!!

We were all very surprised and happy! I love this hobby.


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  1. w2hdi says:

    Thank you Mike! We were delighted and surprised to meet you.
    The ring was lost today at about noon. I searched the internet to find a rental metal detector and quickly found the website “ring finders”. It showed a map of the US with the location of members. I saw a spot near me in Vermont and called Mike. He answered the phone and offered to come by this evening, a drive of about 45 minutes. This at about 1:30.
    As he noted, he arrived around 6:45 and was diligent in his search. He wouldn’t give up! Ring found at about 8:00, 8 hours after our first contact.
    What a wonderful man!
    Arnie Z
    Stowe, Vermont

  2. w2hdi says:

    Mike is extraordinary. Not only his skill, but his enthusiasm, desire to help, and perseverance. We called at noon, he came to our home at 6:30, a 45 minute drive after a work day, and found the ring by 8. Extremely cordial and gracious. Thank you.

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