Found Wedding Ring Frozen in the Ground

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


Got a call yesterday from a guy who had lost his wedding ring last Summer. He was doing some landscaping around his house, which involved planting a tree, some flowers, moving and replanting sod, followed by spreading mulch. He bought a metal detector, but got discouraged by all the signals in the ground. Months later a coworker told him about The Ring Finders service.

Despite the ground being frozen hard this time of year in Vermont, I decided to give it a try, hoping it wouldn’t be too deep. Also, there is a Winter Storm warning predicting deep snow for tomorrow!

He was away for the day, but he gave me a great sketch of where he had been landscaping. There was a wire fence, aluminum siding on the house and many years of dropped metal things in the ground that made it a real challenge trying to sort out the better signals. I searched for about a half hour and was beginning to think I should wait until Spring when the ground was thawed, when I got a good mid range signal coming from under a rock. I moved the rock and used my pinpointer to narrow down the target area. Slowly and extremely carefully, I chipped away the frozen dirt until the golden rim was exposed. I hammered my trowel into the soil beside it and out it popped. It was still in great shape even after having a rock on top of it!! I waited for him to come home from work and was greeted by a huge happy smile!

I love this hobby! Please click on my name above for more stories and contact information.

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