Jewelry Found on Vermont Beach

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


Got a message from a young guy who had lost his engagement ring at a local beach. I went there as soon as I could, because it was lost in a public place. His gold and garnet ring is a one of a kind ring, being custom made by a local artisan.

He gave me an idea where it might have been lost, so I started there. The beaches on Lake Champlain have been in use for many years. Therefore, they are full of nails and melted foil from campfires, bottle caps, pull tabs and hot rocks. I have a very advanced detector which sorts through all this metallic debris very well. After about 2 hours and literally thousands of signals, I found his beautiful ring, and without a scratch on it!

I waited for him to get out of work and brought it to him at his house. One very happy fellow to have it back on his finger!

I love this hobby! Please click on my name above for more stories and contact information.

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