Ring Found in Burlington Vermont: The Ring Finders

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got a call this afternoon from a fellow who was our working in his garden and lost his wedding band. The last thing he had done was lay down a couple layers of newspaper in between all the plants and cover all that with straw. He said this system helps keep the weeds under control. When he was walking back to the house he realized his ring wasn’t on his finger. His heart sank fast. He wasn’t able to find it after checking all gloves, pockets and around the garden. So, he tried Googling where to rent a metal detector and one of my postings came up.

I told him I would be there just as fast as I could pack all my equipment into the car. When I got there he showed me the likeliest area to search. I saw all the metal fencing and wire tomato cages and knew this could be a challenging search. Luckily the search area was pretty small.

I began the search and started getting lots of signals from nails, wire and staples. Every time I got a signal and pulled up scrap metal I could hear him quietly going through the emotional roller coaster. Obviously this ring meant an awful lot to him. After he removed all the tomato cages I started going over the garden again. Soon I got a snapping signal with gold numbers on my display. There it was, hiding in the mulch. I passed it to him and could see a very relieved person! We are practicing social distancing because of Covid 19 being still in the area, so no hug or handshake. None was needed, the airwaves were full of his happiness!!

I love this hobby!

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