Engagement Ring Recovered Near Shelburne Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

I received an email from a woman yesterday who had been house sitting for someone about a month ago. She had lost her paladium engagement ring and the matching wedding band. The owners of the home also had a family of goats.

One day after out feeding the goats, she discovered both her rings were missing. She went back out and searched by eye and found the larger wedding band, but not the beautiful little engagement ring. At some point she was able to borrow a metal detector, but had no luck with that.

She found my ad on The Ring Finders website, sent an email and made arrangements with the owner to allow us to go back and search.

We met there at noon today and got started. After a couple deep signals and about 5 minutes, a got a nice crisp tone that registered an 88/89 on my White’s detector. I knew this was it!! About 2-3” down in the bedding was her ring, I pulled it up and it sparkled in the bright sunlight. She got the biggest smile, and both rings were back together!

After a long Winter of searching for keys lost in the snow, it was nice to recover a very sentimental ring again!

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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Wish I could get a call but everyone is honkerd down in their homes.

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