Post Earring Found in Burlington Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


Got a call from a lady yesterday who had lost her post earring on her property a couple weeks ago. She was doing some gardening when a bee had attacked her and chased her around her back yard and into the house. She discovered later, while looking in a mirror, that her earring was missing. She figured she had knocked it out while trying to brush the bee off her ear.

This earring was special to her because several years ago she had drawn up a design and had a custom jeweler make them for her. She did a lot of searching with no luck. She figured that a metal detector or a detectorist was needed and found my name online.

Yesterday I was out of state with my wife so I couldn’t do a search until today. She walked me around the “chase” area and then I started to ready my equipment. As I was changing the detector’s coil I looked down and to my astonishment I saw her earring laying there in the gravel. Miracles happen sometimes! Actually, as soon as I arrive at search locations, my eyes immediately go into search mode. Its just instinct I guess. Some searches take me 15 hours and other ones take only a few minutes, you just never know.

She was a very happy lady and I was glad to find it for her. Afterwards, we visited for awhile and shared stories about our years taking care of our aging parents.

Love this hobby!

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