Watch Found Near Waterbury Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

I got an email this morning from a gentleman who needed help finding his watch. It was a nice Citizen watch that he gotten for Christmas last year and really enjoyed wearing it because it was tough and waterproof. He said he lost it 2 weeks ago and he had searched everywhere around the house. He finally concluded it must be hiding in mulch that he had put down then. He and his wife have beautiful flower gardens and blueberry bushes all through boulders around their house. He had put fresh mulch all around the plants and boulders. The area was much too big to search by hand, so he was going to rent a metal detector, but then saw my ad.
I told him I could come right away, even though it was raining, because one of my detectors is amphibious. When I got there his dog came running to greet me. He was a sweet lab mix that he had also gotten from Central Vermont Humane Society. All 3 of my dogs are from there. He showed me the area to search and his dog and I got started. After over an hour searching, I was almost to the end of the mulch area when I got a good strong tone. There was his watch, about 5″ down. I was about to switch to a different detector with a small search coil on it and do the search all over again.
He was very happy and said he would be looking for a different band to put on it.

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