Found Wedding Ring In Old Vermont Mill Town

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Yesterday morning, while I was at work, I got an email and a voicemail from a woman very much needing help finding her wedding ring. She had been working in their back yard moving branches and brush. She rented a metal detector and searched with that as well as by eye. Her property has been a residential yard for probably over 150 years, therefore was full of metal scraps and nails, making it very difficult for an inexperienced person to operate a metal detector. Her husband went to work, but the ring was heavy on his mind, too. He found a link to The Ring Finders website and emailed it to her.
I called her as soon as I got out of work and we made plans for me to come right away to do the search. The weather was beautiful and the drive was nice to the old Vermont mill town nestled between some very steep Green Mountains. Their house was on the edge of the town, with Springtime lush green fields, a huge barn and waterfalls in the back yard. What a place to raise their children.
She showed me the areas where it should be and I got to work. After about an hour and a half, No luck with one of my favorite detectors. The raspberry and blueberry patch was so thick I decided to use another detector with a small diameter search coil. In about a half hour I got the solid ring tone and moved the weeds and twigs and there it was!
The ring was extremely sentimental to them, because it was custom made using diamonds from a mother’s, grandmother’s and great grandmother’s old rings. It sure was beautiful. When I handed it to her she broke down with happy and relief tears and gave me a huge hug. Her husband was happy and offered up some beer to celebrate. Her older son even gave me a hug. As always, I was extremely happy for them.
They invited me to come back some day and hike the waterfalls and do some “archeological” digs on the old trail by their house and up to an old cellar hole.
I love this hobby!!

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